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We don't only cater for bird watchers but for individuals who would like to enjoy our beautiful vegetation or a place to escape in serenity. Tours start at : $25USD

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Bird watch

Experience grace and beauty  with Saint Lucia's only private bird watching experience at Woodsview Estate at a cost of 90 usd per person.groups of 2 or more pay 50 usd per person

Tours & events 

Should you be interested in a safe, tranquil and private ambiance to   HOST AN EVENT? TAKE AN ESTATE TOUR! Look no further!  


We would be delighted to accommodate you for a night or two with our affordable rates, free

WI-FI and parking available

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If you desire a taste of the Lucian Experience, you can. We do transfers and island tours

Birdwatch Tour

Birdwatch Tour

$90.00 USD

Experience grace and beauty  with Saint Lucia's only private bird watching experience at Woodsview Estate.We allows you to enjoy at your pace the beauty and harmony of the island’s only private birding experience where you may get to see all the endemic species in one location. 

Come bird with us, take some time to lounge in a hammock and treat yourself to a meal or a refreshing drink whilst basking in the ambiance…

Our meals consist of Local Cuisine, giving you an opportunity to enjoy scrumptious local dishes utilizing ground provision and vegetables organically grown on the estate. Our EAT ORGANIC BUFFET luncheon uses only local foods, fruits and vegetables served in an estate setting. Woodsview Estate can cater for large groups with pre arranged reservation. Enjoy the three hour tour.

Tours & Events

Should you be interested in a safe, tranquil and private ambiance to hold a private function, Look no further  as Woodsview Estate  with its lush tropical assortment of garden flowers, foliage and fruit trees overlooking a spectacular view of the sea is the perfect setting to host your event.

The venue and ambiance is what we provide but we work with clients on the logistics.

Writers or Painters you are not forgotten. This estate creates a serene atmosphere that welcomes your ability to create your masterpiece. 

This venue is  suited for hosting an outdoor event your heart desires. Whether its a family reunion, birthday celebration, workshop, staff retreat or romantic picnic, Woodsview estate will meet your needs.



Our guests are engaged in various activities on the estate when they visit;

Roasting of Cashew nuts, Breadfruit, Sardines, etc

Coconut cutting

Local Juices and smoothies using fruits found on the estate

Coconut Oil demonstration

and many more...

Daily tour for cruise passengers or stayover visitors

Tour Description

Tour party arrives at Woodsview Estate, a ten (10) acre agro eco- tourism property. Locally owned and located on a hillside at Bois D’Inde quarter of Anse La Raye on the west coast, less than ten minutes’ drive from Marigot Bay.

The Guide meets visitors at the reception area, he then takes the visitors along a 400 metre main trail divided into five (5) exciting and interesting sections:

1) Estate House (2) Workers Lane (3) Cocoa Grove (4) Creole Centre and (5) Hilltop trail.

The guide will describe the local flora and fauna which include forest plants, banana plants, mango trees, fruit trees, tropical flowers, food gardens, cocoa plants among other species. The guide will give a brief history of the area while guests enjoy the scenic route along the trail. Woodsview Estate is part of a larger forest area which is rich in biodiversity, at least 19 bird species inclusive of 5 endemic species are found in the forest. There are several Bird feeding and watch points where visitors can see some of the local birds close up.


After walking the trail Visitors will congregate at the Creole Centre, where they will learn about creole cuisine and have local spice rum or rum punch. Meals and drinks will be on sale at the refreshment bar. Visitors will relax while listening to local folk and traditional music of the Caribbean. Visitors will sample fruits such as golden apple, wax apple, five fingers, governor plums,local banana, love apple,soursop, tamarind and other fruits when in season.


The Creole Centre overlooks a major banana plantation in the Roseau valley. The view at this point is spectacular, thousands of banana plants and the Roseau bay coastline in the background. Next to the Creole centre there is a medicinal garden with many plants and herbs which have been in use for generations, providing cures for various ailments.


The tour will continue with a 200 meter hike to the hilltop, there visitors will have a commanding view of the Gran Bois Rain Forest, Morne Pawasol, Morne Fortune, Vanard, Morne Dor, Belair and a 360 degree view of the Mountain top and its surrounding ridges. On a clear day the neighboring island of Martinique can be seen in the distance. The tour will end at the reception area where visitors will wait for their transport.


Tour Time and Duration: Daily between 9 am- 5pm, Approximately 2 hours.



Tour -$25 usd per person(complimentary fruit and one rum punch)

Tour and Creole lunch- $40 usd per person


Any questions Call: 1758 384 8956 or 1758 715 9568 for more info

Facebook:facebook /woodsviewestate



Our hiking trails provide panoramic views of Roseau valley, Grand Bois forest and surrounding mountains. The trail is mostly uphill so be ready to be challenged. Hikers will get to pick fruits along the way, different plants and species will be identified and their uses explained. Sneakers with good traction are recommended.


$15.00USD per person |  Duration: 8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. other times can be arranged.


Creole Cookery Classes


We offer a cookery class where visitors learn how to prepare and cook some of Saint Lucia's signature Creole dishes like breadfruit and smoked herring, green fig and salt fish, bouillon, one-pot fish broth etc. Visitors will also make tamarind balls and cornbread, as well as sample an assortment of fresh fruits.


$85.00USD per couple (inclusive of lunch) | Duration 4hrs


Yoga Retreat

Woodsview Estate is a place where nature and spirit meet and creates a natural healing environment for all. We believe that the sustainability of life on earth depends on the spiritual health and wisdom of humanity. it is our goal to preserve and conserve our pristine environment for the sustainable use of birds, plants animals, visitors and locals alike. We will work with you to customize a wellness experience based on your specific goals.

$15.00USD per person | Duration 2hrs


Spend the day and night on the estate. (Ideal for relationship building and honeymooners).

Wake up to the sound of birds ,feed the farm animals,walk the trail to the top of the mountain,take in the scenic mountain ranges,view the ocean and thousands of banana plants,have an organic  breakfast (10 usd), help plant crops on the farm .When you are done,help prepare a creole lunch, relax in a hammock ,take in the countryside air,visit the Anse la Raye beach located 10 mins away (25usd),come back to the estate, take in the sunset over the ocean,enjoy a restful night on a comfy handmade bed,leave next morning rejuvenated. We would be delighted to accommodate you for a night or two with our affordable rates, free WI-FI and parking available. Enjoy our hospitality for a few days and relax enjoying the natural beauty of our Estate.The George F L Charles Airport is 8 km from Woodsview Estate. Castries ,the capital city is about 30 minutes away.

Experience 758

If you desire a taste of the Lucian Experience, you can. We do transfers and island tours ,visit the only drive in volcano,waterfalls ,rivers,volcanic mud baths,Sulphur Springs,pitons mountains,Marigot Bay ,Anse la Raye,etc in a spacious and air conditioned vehicle. We are reliable and flexible; contact us today.

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